Pure as the driven (Siberian) snow

Dear President Trump,

It’s been tempting from day one of your presidency to not address you as “President Trump” and every day I write you, I consider the salutation carefully. I’ve stuck with “President Trump” out of respect for the office and because I don’t want to skirt the reality that you are president; I need to take you and your power seriously. It is frustrating citizenship has become an exhausting, vexing 24/7 job, but we cannot afford to take our eyes off you.

You’ve been insisting the investigation into whether your campaign colluded with Russia is a waste of time and money because the allegations are bogus. I can understand why you want this to all just go away, why you are protesting your innocence. Your base needs to hear you claiming the victim mantle that the Democrats are putting you through a horribly unfair witch-hunt to cover for their inept campaign. You have to realize, though, that your remonstrations are falling flat. You might have had some credibility had you been transparent about your financial operations (i.e., released your tax returns), actually avoided conflicts of interest, submitted a reasonable tax reform plan that did not blatantly benefit you, and if you were able to keep a straight story line on anything. It would have helped if you had been at all convincing you care about anyone but yourself, but it should be clear to even your forgotten men and women that you are in it for Donald and could care less about the rest of us. With all that as context, why would anyone believe you? Then there is the incredible improbability of you being a competitive candidate for president in the first place let alone winning. It just doesn’t make sense. You had to have help, unsavory, unfair help. But please do keep telling anyone who will listen how you are being unfairly maligned and are as pure as the driven (Siberian) snow; at least it shows you are paying attention. And that you are scared.

I know being scared is miserable; it’s been a big part of the 24/7 job of citizenship since January 20th. And since being scared is miserable and I do have an iota of compassion for you, here is the blessing the Buddha taught the monks when they were afraid….

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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