Can’t shoot the goose laying them golden eggs

Dear President Trump,

This past Tuesday morning, around when you were sorting out which illogical excuse to use to fire Director Comey, I saw a large white work truck topped with a small crane off to the side of the road, broken down waiting to be loaded onto a tow truck. Emblazoned on the side in big red letters was the word “DOMINATOR.” It was quite a sight; the “DOMINATOR” lame on the side of the road waiting for a tow. I immediately thought of you.

I’ve been wondering, why didn’t you go with the argument Comey should be fired for not finding Hillary Clinton guilty of something criminal around the private email server business? When the first reason for firing him was floated and it had to do with his handling of that case, I thought for sure it was because he didn’t go far enough. How absurd of you all to so backtrack on yourselves and feign anger that he’d gone too far. That was quite a tell. In the days since, you’ve sort of come clean that you were going to fire him no matter what anyone did or didn’t recommend. At least that is actually believable. Finding out what exactly prompted you to make that 180, though, is going to be interesting to watch unfold in the coming days and weeks. I bet you don’t want Comey to have taped any of your interactions with him!

Before closing tonight, I want to register my deep frustration with the Republican House and Senate in standing by you even as you do your darndest to undermine our democracy. It’s possible they are hatching something and keeping it quiet, going along with you publicly so they can get things in place to take you down but I really doubt it. I think they are just as happy to prop you up as long as possible so they can continue to ram through their agendas. I also think they don’t know what to do with your fan base for whom you apparently can do no wrong no matter what you do. It’s a knotty problem and since they would be shooting the goose who is laying them golden eggs if they move against you and would risk having their eyes pecked out by an angry murder of Trump crows, I bet they just chicken out (sorry, couldn’t resist).

I’m about out of characters for this message so here is your blessing ~

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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