Fairness fairy dust is in short supply

Good Morning President Trump,

I hope you slept well. Even though I’m sure there were no fairness fairies sprinkling your head last night with magic equality and compassion dust, perhaps a good night’s sleep will have made you more disposed toward the greater good. The image of pesky little fairies dispensing positivity dust on you while you sleep or on your cereal in the morning is amusing, if silly and naive. That I am apparently resorting to really out there ideas is also a sign I don’t think much else is likely to work. There is a wonderful Onion piece circulating where a sturdy, middle-aged white man tells the camera how blind he was in voting for you and how he sees all the errors of his ways and is embracing everyone’s humanity since reading some brilliant queer feminist theory. Even though it cuts both ways and skewers over the top leftist theory, it’s pretty awesome. It’s also about as absurd as fairness fairies sprinkling love dust on you and your supporters.

But just think how you could mess with everyone’s minds if you were to suddenly come out and say Tillerson was wrong and your administration is not valuing accumulation of wealth and resources over human rights in our dealings with other countries or women’s access to full maternal and reproductive healthcare coverage is fundamental or climate change is a real threat and you are going to do all you possibly can to protect the environment now and in perpetuity. It really would put the world in a spin if you were to make such radical shifts for the common good. You’d have a long row to hoe to get people to trust you are sincere, but I bet you could do it if you got focused.

You could take some lessons from Nicki Minaj’s playbook. She is doing something almost as mind-blowing as you reversing course on your odious policies (though not as out of character for her). She is paying for random people’s education expenses. It’s like she is sprinkling fairness fairy dust on people who are struggling to stay in school or get back to school; seriously paying it forward. She is using her powers for good. How about you giving that a try sometime? Soon.

In the meantime….

may you be safe,
may you be happy,
may you be healthy,
may your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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