Positivity – day 11, a single gyrating leaf

Dear President Trump,

The main positives I see for today, your 100th day in office, are that you haven’t dragged us into a new war and that nearly all your major initiatives thus far have failed. You have inflicted plenty of harm with various executive orders and your whole approach to the presidency, but I am grateful you have not been able to completely run rough shod over us, other countries, the planet.

On a wildly different scale, a little tiny positive for the day is having gotten to see a single leaf on a plant catch a breeze and twist and turn while the rest of the leaves held still or just fluttered lightly. Have you ever seen this? Other than golfing, you don’t seem to be much of an outdoors person, but maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to be moving slowly enough in a wild enough place to catch this happening. It’s pretty amazing that a single leaf can dance around like it’s possessed while its mates on the same branch are essentially stationary. I don’t know the science behind this phenomenon, but whatever it is, the result seems pretty miraculous since it isn’t just a single wave but repeated circular gyrations that seem to perpetuate themselves in the incredibly confined context of a single leaf. I’ve never timed one of these occurrences, but they can go on and on for long minutes at a time with just that one little leaf responding visibly to air currents I can’t even feel.

It’s tempting to try and draw some profound parallel between such singular leaf dances and singular people who differentiate themselves from the crowd, seemingly propelled by invisible forces, but I think it’s best to just let the natural phenomenon be enough unto itself. The dancing leaf isn’t referencing anything but the breeze and presumably could care less whether any human happens to witness it turning and twisting all by itself. It’s just a small entity responding in an idiosyncratic way to its context for a short period of time, unconcerned whether it leaves a mark on the wider world. Refreshing.

May you get to see and appreciate such little miracles and

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy and strong.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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