Positivity – day 4, palpable, abundant joy

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday I suggested you look for opportunities to pay kindnesses forward even before I saw a series of photos of presidents and their wives making their way down the stairs from Air Force One. Yours was the only one where the president was not right there with his wife. You seem to be bounding down the stairs on your own while Melania is still only about a third of the way down. Same thing as on inauguration day when you are seen bolting out of the car to greet President Obama and Michelle Obama while Melania is left to make her way alone up to where the rest of you are. These are small things, but they speak volumes about your priorities, your sense of decorum, and your care for others. It’s that care we are missing, Melania apparently, included.

Last night I got to attend a dance showcase at my daughter’s high school down the street. We went for the first time last year because our neighbor is on the school dance team. Neither my partner nor I have ever been into dance and we initially went just to be supportive. However, we were blown away last year by the energy, talent, beauty, and edge and this year was just as magical. It was wonderful how enthusiastic the other dancers were about all the performances and how many tiny, sweet gestures and glances were exchanged among the performers during their pieces. The commitment, trust, and care they showed each other was palpable and incredibly moving. They were solidly filling their individual spaces even as they moved fluidly to make way for someone else. They traded who got to occupy the spotlight, supporting each person in turn and seeming to have as much fun when they were front or back, side or center. Of course they were on and performing so I don’t know whether there were any grievances or frustrations being covered over. Even if there were, the overriding sense of joyous dedication to the effort and to each other was inspiring. The care was clearly there.

Misty Copeland said in a recent interview that “as artists, it gives us more power and responsibility to bring people together, to fill the void of love and unity.” The dancers last night brought people together in a beautiful show of love and unity and I am so grateful to them.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold peacefully and with care.

Tracy Simpson

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