Positivity – day 3, help from on high

Dear President Trump,

This may be giving you all too much credit since it requires planning and actual cunning (and maybe I’ve said this to you before since it’s so obvious), but you all are seriously trying to gaslight us with your strange reversals, fake news, and just plain messing with us. When you are caught in lies you all just seem to lie about the lies. Pretty nervy. Then there’s the lie that says that people who oppose abortion are pro life even when they are for capitol punishment. This does not compute. We should not get to judge which lives are deemed innocent and therefore worthy and which are not. Some who oppose abortion get this but I bet most of the people dead set on executing the prisoners in Alabama call themselves pro life, which is a lie.

But I committed to focusing on something positive for at least a week when I write to you (the time frame is new since I feel like I may need an out) so I’ll tell you about the help I received from someone quite lofty in my field. My colleagues and I are working with a huge public data set and we couldn’t get our numbers of people with alcohol use disorder to match the published numbers. It was pretty clear we must be missing something in the coding so I reached out to the person who published the original work and she graciously spoke with me on the phone and then sent me their code. We were able to see where our error was and can now move on to work on the main questions we have. It’s really quite common that we all help each other out in these ways in science so I don’t point it out as a nice anomaly but rather just as something that happened this week that I really appreciate. It was kind of her to take time to help us. She was paying it forward and hopefully I’ll be as gracious as her when I have the opportunity to help someone else out like this in the future.

I hope you are blessed with the opportunity to pay a true, string-free kindness forward today. It could just be a smile for someone who seems down or taking the time to hold a door for someone. It doesn’t need to be big or grand. Mother Theresa once said that she couldn’t do great things on this earth but she could do small things with great love. I wish this for you, and for me too.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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