True strength, elaborated


P.S. This list of markers of true strength is going to be a work in progress over time as different facets occur to me. Because I don’t want to risk losing track of them by waiting until tomorrow or some other day down the road, here are a few more important aspects of true strength:

  • People with true strength are able to take responsibility and apologize when they are wrong.
  • People with true strength recognize we are all interconnected and inter-dependent, that there is no such thing as a viable lone ranger. No one succeeds completely on their own.
  • People with true strength are able to accept and deal with reality as it truly is. They may not like it but they do not lie to themselves or others or try to make excuses for why things are they way they are. They are clear eyed and start from where they find themselves.
  • People with true strength speak up and take action when it is called for. They listen to their hearts and don’t shy away from unpopular or even dangerous positions they know to be correct and true.
  • People with true strength remember, all the time, that others are watching and taking cues from them; they know they are role models and act accordingly.

So may you and I both be blessed with safety, happiness, health and strength, and may our lives unfold and intersect peacefully.


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