What would your mother think?

Dear President Trump,

I have been wondering about your mother. We’ve heard a great deal about your father, his business ventures, and his influences on you. But I don’t recall having heard anything about your mother. I wonder what you learned from her, how she would feel about how you are conducting yourself, where you seem to want to take the country. Would she be proud of you or would she wonder what went wrong? I really have no idea.

As I read this morning about your plan to unleash Mr. Pruitt on EPA regulations meant to protect our water supply, I wondered whether your mother taught you to clean up after yourself, or if she at least tried to. If she did, it appears that lesson didn’t sink in well, that it was overridden by other lessons having more to do with grabbing everything you can for yourself and it being ok to piss in other people’s ponds as long as no one does that in yours. Wealthy people rarely have to worry about their water being contaminated or their air being unbreathable or their soil being so toxic it poisons everything it comes into contact with. At least in the short run, that is. Eventually, if humans are not reined in and forced to find safer ways, there will be too much piss poisoning too many water-ways for even the wealthy to go unscathed.

We cannot have a safe, stable world if we don’t actually have the foresight to see how our actions now have ripple effects out into the future. Getting rid of water protections now may make it easier for some people to turn a profit tomorrow on their golf courses, factories, or mega-farms, but it will almost certainly leave the nearby waterways and the people downstream much less healthy, maybe even to the point that they can’t play golf or work in factories. Eventually all this is going to cut into your grandchildren’s bottom line and it will compromise my grandchildren’s basic quality of life and it will mean that poor people’s grandchildren will be ill and weak and angry.

Please look beyond immediate payoffs and see that sensible regulations that protect the common interest need to stay in place for everyone’s sake. We need to love our future generations and have enough sense to take care of what we have so that they can drink water without fear, breathe air without choking, and plant crops that actually nourish. So,

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect with ease.

Tracy Simpson

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