Real problem solving

Good morning President Trump,

Your priorities and methods continue to trouble me deeply. Every time I read the newspaper I find yet another set of decisions and attacks on democracy coming from you and your administration that leave me sad and scared. It certainly seems you all are betting on a cynical divide and conquer strategy as you work to get people to line up in factions so you can then pit us against one another.

Well, you may get some traction with these tactics, but ultimately they will fail. Obviously it is much more difficult to commit to finding common ground, to working together to find solutions to our common problems, to respect people whose opinions and perspectives are alien to our own. It takes more time, more care, more creativity, more critical thinking, more risk, more willingness to make personal sacrifices for the good of all, more love. Although it is a harder row to hoe, there are countless millions of us willing to do the work and who are not willing to stand by while you and your administration attempt to take us down a path of mutual destruction and chaos so that your coffers may be filled with ill gotten gold.

I can’t speak for us all, obviously, but my fervent hope is that we will approach this challenge with open hearts and good will. I am doing my best to stay in this frame and so for my sake and yours I send you this blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect with ease.

Tracy Simpson

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