Wirth and Roger’s nightmare scenario

President* Trump,

Just before 5:00 this morning my brother texted me the following headline and urged me to read the piece:

“How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain President”

It’s a Newsweek editorial by Timothy Wirth (former US Senator from CO) and Tom Rogers (editor-at-large at Newsweek and founder of CNBC), neither of whom are fringe wing-nuts – at all – which is what makes what they have to say utterly horrifying.

They describe how you and Barr are already laying in a plan to pull out of your asses in case you lose to Biden, a plan that would allow you to remain in office. They click through a chilling 12-point scheme, the full text of which is here: https://www.newsweek.com/how-trump-could-lose-election-still-remain-president-opinion-1513975. Here’s the gist ~ the election is close but Biden wins the popular vote, you claim that China inserted millions of fraudulent votes and subsequently invoke emergency powers and direct your handy DoJ to look into it – slowly; they run the clock up to December 14th, by which time the Electoral College votes must be cast, and the four Republican held swing states withhold their votes and neither you nor Biden have enough electoral votes to claim victory, so it goes to the House to decide, and there, each state gets 1 vote and Republicans hold delegate majorities in 26 states to Democrats’ 23 and ergo you remain in office.

It’s a little more convoluted than this – the Supreme Court gets into the act too – but this is the essence of the nefarious scheme. Wirth and Rogers didn’t actually make all this up out of whole cloth or just from watching you. There’s a Phillip Roth book called The Plot Against America where this basic scenario happens and Wirth and Rogers just adapted it to fit our current situation.

At the end of the article, no doubt understanding that they would probably be leaving their readers completely freaked out, they suggest the following preventative measures:

  • We have to out this scenario and build “The People’s Firewall”
  • We have to be loud and insistent about it
  • The Firewall has to be an across the board national effort
  • Civil associations and civil rights groups, business groups, and unions need to be on board and making the argument that you pulling a coup would be bad for the economy
  • Pelosi needs to get the relevant House Committees (Judiciary, Commerce, Armed Services and Intelligence) to hold hearings on how to prevent you and Barr from doing this
  • We have to be so clear and there have to be so many of us that you’ll see there’s no way in hell you can get away with subverting our constitutional democracy

Personally, I’d really like to have some more bullet proof ideas in the mix (which reminds me – Wirth and Rogers don’t address your heavily armed supporters and how they factor into all this). This all feels too thin to withstand your masterminds’ machinations or the fury you’ll be able to spark in your base. But hell, I’m going to do my darnedest to yell about this, insistently. To paraphrase A Tribe Called Quest’s We The People…. lyrics:

All you despots, you must go
All you misogynistic racists, you must go
And all you greedy f*cks, you must go
Tyrants and jerks,
“Boy, we hate your ways
So all you bad folks, you must go.”

Seriously. Your time is up and you must go.

May we safely transition out of this nightmare.
May we be willing to guard against the unthinkable.
May we be strong and use our outside voices on this.
May we accept that you are not above trying to pull such a scheme.

Tracy Simpson

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