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President* Trump,

What do the following three things have to do with each other? 1) The Friday night attempt to force US Attorney of the NY Southern District, Geoffrey Berman, to resign followed by his Saturday morning firing when he refused to play along; 2) having a 62-year old woman arrested as she knelt to pray just inside the roped off area outside the BOK Center ahead of your Tulsa rally yesterday, and 3) a sea of empty blue seats inside BOK Center and a hastily removed outdoor grandstand outside of BOK Center. I know the massive numbers of empty seats at your rally technically occurred after the Berman debacle and just after art teacher Sheila Buck was arrested, but they seem mighty related to me; I think the two removals signal just how scared you all are running and the copious empty seats confirm that you have reason to be running scared.

There was some serious lizard brain reactivity on display when Buck was dragged off in handcuffs by Tulsa police yesterday. How desperate you all must be if you feel threatened by a small, older white woman wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirt who had a valid ticket to your shindig. She was praying, for goodness sake. Oh, wait a minute – was that what tipped the bucket over for you all? That someone who was clearly there in protest was kneeling down and praying and thereby taking away your all’s sole corner on religion and spirituality? Were you worried that some of your base-peeps might be wavering enough in their support of you that her praying might lead them to wonder if maybe those of us who oppose you aren’t all engaging in Satanic rituals all the time? Whatever drove that decision, it was not especially wise since you all really look like the frightened, spineless, idiotic bullies that you are.

Then there’s the Berman removal. I’m sure he’s irritated the snot out of you for a couple of years now, picking on your friends and all. I’m also pretty darn sure that he scared you (and probably still scares you as does the person who was his deputy and who is now in charge, Audrey Strauss). As strongly indicated by the sea of empty blue seats in BOK Center, you are just 213 days away from being out of office and thus, no longer able to hide behind the shield of presidential immunity from prosecution. And Berman had your number. Fortunately, he handed it to Strauss by forcing you to fire him rather than allowing himself to be pressured into resigning.

You are in a pickle, aren’t you? From what I’m reading, you and Barr don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of displacing Strauss with lackey, Jay Clayton. Lindsey Graham seems to have gotten a couple of his sagging spinal discs miraculously replaced and isn’t going along with the coup, which means Mitch McC is stuck and won’t be able to do your bidding on this one.

I would so love to be a fully sentient (and invisible, lest I’m swatted) fly on the wall wherever you are over the next few days. I’m sure I’ll take on some negative karma for this, but I really would love to get to see and hear your freak outs as it sinks in that you’re likely to face serious criminal charges come January 21st, 2021. Oh happy day!

And, as bad as things look for you right now, I do think those of us who oppose you need to heed Move On’s warning that this isn’t in the bag. They are reminding folks that things looked grim for you in 2016 and you and Vladimir pulled out an electoral college win (they didn’t reference VP, but he was lurking there in the background for sure) and we can’t take this election for granted. Yep. Check that.

We won’t.

May we all be safe from the frightened, freaked out bully in the White House.
May we be willing to stay the course and not take a win in November for granted.
May we be as brave and strong as Sheila Buck was for her Black students.
May we accept that power is not relinquished lightly.

Tracy Simpson

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