A break from the mayhem

Dear President Trump,

I wasn’t trying to stay off my computer today, but there was other stuff to do and so I’m just now breaking a 26 hour-no-computer run and really, it’s been lovely. If I didn’t need to write to you I would have let the streak go until tomorrow morning. Truly, I think my blood pressure was lower today and my mood was lighter having had more than a full day not reading or seeing anything at all about you. I highly recommend it – I bet you, of all people, need breaks from yourself so I hope you can manage to tune out and relax sometimes. See, I am actually even a little nicer today.

Even though the no-computer-time technically started last night, it feels like the key was having gotten to have breakfast in bed. I was still pretty puny this morning and so Laura was super sweet and offered to bring my food and tea up to me and I gratefully said yes. A couple of times when she was making her back and forths with various parts of the meal, I thought about asking her to bring my computer upstairs but then kept not. It was just so nice looking out the window at the clouds that I kept thinking, “naw – maybe on the next trip.”

I did dutifully check the headlines before settling in to write to you just now. They were still there. Pretty much the same quality and tone as yesterday. Actually, exactly the same quality and tone. But I didn’t feel compelled to open any of the articles and so apparently I’ll be going about 36 hours without reading any news or opinions pieces. Yay!

Laura just asked me if I saw the pictures of you signing bibles for people in Alabama today. Since I’ve not been looking at news or anything of course I hadn’t, but OMG what an absurd sacrilegious thing for you to do. I couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes. Did any of them start smoking in your hands? Any locusts crawl out from between the pages? Geez. I’m trying to imagine the many, many, many mental contortions those folks had to put themselves through to get it to be ok (and actually, like a really great thing!), for you to sign their bibles – you being someone who pays off porn stars, brags about grabbing women’s pussy’s, admires dictators who torture and murder people, etc. Truly, it’s like wanting Satan himself to sign one’s bible. What do you bet that a bunch of those puppies end up on Ebay tomorrow for auction? And by the way, what if someone in that line had asked you to sign their Quran?

I’ll just leave it right there.

May we be safe from hypocrites.
May we be happy to take nice long breaks from you.
May we be healthy and strong for ourselves and one another.
May we be peace.

Tracy Simpson

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