Rewind and replay

Dear President Trump,

I found lots of stuff on my walk this morning and there were three things worth keeping – pretty much a banner day. The first (temporary) keepsake is a coin that can be used at the local carwash. The second is a renewable bus pass. I don’t know whether it has any money on it, but there’s a charge for the card itself so it’s a nice find all on its own. The third thing is a wadded up strip of paper left over from a StorySLAM that asks those who want to participate to “Tell us about a time you wish you could have hit rewind.”

I realize the StorySLAM organizers probably meant for people to talk about something they personally did, but my first thought was election night 2016 and how much I wish we could rewind all that horrible coverage starting around 9PST when state after state was called for you. It truly was an awake nightmare as it became clear that it wasn’t a fluke and you were going to win.

Much as I’d like to have the power to hit rewind on your presidency (or at least an eject lever to pull), I want to pretend for a moment that the instructions were to write about something one would like to hit “replay” on because I’ve got a good one. We learned from Lawrence O’Donnell’s that Tim Kaine requested a vote on legislation to reopen the government. O’Donnell took delight in explaining how it is within any Senator’s right to request a vote but it’s extremely unusual for anyone but the Senate Majority Leader to do so. He also explained that any Senator can object to the requested vote and of course your buddy Mitch M quashed Kaine’s vote request. Totally predictable. But I say they should replay this scene every day until you and/or Mitch pull your heads out. The American people need to see Congressional leaders bucking tradition and making Mitch look a fool. Plus he wouldn’t be able to leave the Senate floor for fear he wouldn’t be there to crush democracy in action.

Later….. So now Mitch is holding two votes on Thursday about reopening the government. Not sure how this is going to work, but one is yours and the other is the Democrat’s new stopgap bill. It’s clear this is a cynical move designed to manufacture more animosity and finger pointing so I think my earlier call to have Senator after Senator keep asking for a vote on the original House legislation (that the Senate passed before the shutdown) still makes sense in this situation that truly makes no sense.

May we be safe from irrational power mongers.
May we be happy to continue to hold a line for decency and human rights.
May we figure out how to have healthy debates.
May we heed the sign in front of our local mosque that reads “Peace = Respect.”

Tracy Simpson

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