Dear President Trump,

Yesterday William Galston of the Brookings Institute got a lot of pixels in the WP, first in an article led by your favorite reporter, Jim Acosta, and then in an editorial by Ann Tumulty. Galston was quoted by Acosta as having said this about you: “He is determined, as he has been from day one, not to break faith with the people who brought him to the presidency.”

My immediate thought was that the main people you don’t want to break faith with are Vladimir and whichever other Russians have you over financial and kompromat barrels and I still think this even though in the Tumulty editorial it seems Galston was referring to your traditional US base. She quotes him as follows: “He believes the immigration issue is the heart of his emotional relationship with his base, and he’s right about this. He believes, not entirely incorrectly, that almost anything he would do to expand his appeal would dilute his relationship with his base.”

I just (briefly) looked to see whether Acosta and Tumulty were drawing from the same Galston piece, but couldn’t find it so I don’t know whether he was just focused on you placating your base or if it was more nuanced and he was also pointing to your apparent need to keep Vladimir happy (and perhaps various Middle East rulers as well). Both could certainly be true and likely are, though I think keeping Vladimir happy is the priority and you are getting a boost from his team on the base-placating front.

In the last 12 hours the WP also ran a piece by Max Boot laying out 18 indicators that you are acting on behalf of Russia, Greg Sargent’s piece about how we need to rethink Mitch McConnell’s role in all this (though some of us have been onto his active aiding and abetting of your Russia protectionism for a very long time), and Ann Applebaum’s piece pointing out that all the various recent revelations about interpreters’ notes and FBI investigations of you are basically telling us what we already know.

This supersaturated focus on you makes sense because you are incredibly dangerous and we need to keep you out in front so we can at least pretend to ourselves that we can see what you are doing. But oh my am I sick of you and all this shit. I can’t wait for the days when we are paying attention to issues and problems other than our president being a treasonous mother*cker who has sold us out to a global arch villain or five.

May we be safe.
May we hold onto some happiness with which to rebuild.
May we be healthy and strong through the end game.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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