Nancy has arrived :)

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday someone I was talking with dropped “well, tomorrow Nancy is coming” into the conversation and as she visibly relaxed, I felt my body tension dip too. Nancy is coming. Today. I know we can’t pin too much hope or put too much pressure on any one person, but OMG am I glad Nancy is going to be our head of House-hold for the next stretch.

I wonder how she slept last night and how she’s feeling. I’m hoping she’s feeling energized and at the top of her game. I also hope that she’s conscientious about taking care of herself. We need her to be safe, happy, healthy, and at peace with herself as she helps guide things away from the cliff edges you have us teetering on and back from the depths you’ve already led us to.

Here’s another cynical question for you – did you pull the “proud to shutdown the government over border security” crap so that instead of starting out the new Congress with significant Executive Branch oversight efforts, the House would have to start with re-opening the government? In other words, are you stalling for just a bit more unfettered time to do just a bit more malevolent shit? Oh, like maybe undermining the civil rights legislation that guards against “disparate impact”? This may look like it’s just tinkering with some unnecessary, outdated legalese, but the fact that so many of the examples in the WP article were based on common real estate practices shown to have discriminatory impact should give pause. No doubt this is just one of dozens, if not hundreds, of relatively under-the-radar sneaky-ass things that you all want just a little more time to undo or quietly reshape to make it easier for you and your patrons to line your pockets more handsomely. What else do you have your minions working on?

Circling back to the point I made at the outset – even someone as smart and capable as Pelosi can’t check everything you’re doing and so we the people can’t get complacent just because she’s back in power. We all have to keep doing out parts to address the menace of you, your administration, and the historical and contemporary forces that so desperately want to keep power vested in the hands of just a few.

I suggest you buckle up because your ride is about to get way bumpier.

May we reduce harm and improve safety for all beings.
May we all feel entitled to (and have) happiness premised upon gratitude, ease, and joy.
May we do what we must to get our country onto a healthy track.
May you not pitch a fit and start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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