Fears of being checked and balanced

Dear President Trump,

I just figured out that I accidentally skipped writing out October 31st when I was dating that day’s letter to you and wrote November 1st instead, which means I wished you a happy Transgender Awareness Month a day early. Sorry about that. I didn’t miss writing to you, though, so that’s good. It’s a relief to have sorted out the date issue because having the date off the last several days has been discombobulating; I’ve been so hyper-aware of election-day being on Tuesday November 6th but my letter dates were having it be tomorrow so things felt very topsy turvy.

All my trouble with dates is in keeping with how ambivalent I feel about finally having Tuesday over. On the one hand it’ll be a relief to know which way we are headed and on the other, it’s scary as hell that we could see the catastrophic 2016 election result amplified tenfold. Dana Milbank (WP) said recently that anyone who votes for GOP candidates, and thus casts votes to protect you, is doing so with their eyes wide open to how clearly deficient and destructive you are. So I both want 11/6/18 to come and I don’t want it to come. But I guess since for the last five days I’ve been hurrying it along, I must more want it over than not. And, really, none of this matters at all; the day will come and go apart from any preference of mine.

In the meantime, you’ve been busy ratcheting up the apocalyptic messaging the last couple days leading up to Tuesday, just as predicted. How many rallies have you done in the last three days? Are you sleeping at all? You’re basically scared shitless, aren’t you? As your own fears of being checked and balanced escalate, you’re ever more desperately projecting those fears onto your base and spiking them with anger and hatred. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for Democratic candidates to figure out – ‘do I deal with all this disgusting bullshit Trump and his Trumpettes are clobbering everyone with? If so, how the hell do I keep up with the ever more creative and crazy lies? Can I just focus on real issues that are affecting real people without looking like a chump?’ You are truly a sick individual and I wish you’d buy a very flat island and go live there.

May we be safe from lying loser politicians desperate to protect themselves.
May we be willing to stay the course and not sink to their level.
May we hold on to the drive to create healthy ways of co-existing.
May you not get so freaked out that you start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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