Nothing is beneath you. Nothing.

Dear President Trump,

Jennifer Rubin (WP) seems to think you’ve made the final pitch in your quest to maximally stoke racial animus and xenophobia before the mid-terms next week with your disgusting ad claiming the Democrats are responsible for Luis Bracamontes, a twice-deported illegal immigrant, having killed two police officers. Unfortunately, I think she’s underestimating you; I think you and your henchpeople have several more last ditch dirty tricks up your sleeves. There’s no way you’ll not pile on more in the 100+ hours left before voting ends on Tuesday – that’s a ton of time to poke your base with fresh images of brown men who Democrats have somehow allowed to harm white people. For you to leave it at Bracamontes would be like you leaving a million dollars, or even just a quarter, on the table – not going to happen.

So what happens, though, when the GOP loses the House and (fingers crossed) the Senate? What happens to all that misplaced fear and rage? What happens with all those semi-automatic weapons you all cherish and bow down to that your base vastly, disproportionately owns? What happens with all those conventional and nuclear stockpiled arms that you have control over? What happens in the 57 days between November 7th 2018 and January 3rd 2019 when the new Congress is convened? What are you and Mitch and Paul going to do in the nearly two months between the election and the introduction of real checks on you?

I realize it’s possible the Democrats will win only the House or that we’ll not prevail with a majority in either branch of Congress. I don’t want to think about this possibility since it would mean we’re all damned and doomed (including your base), but it could happen, especially if you all escalate the voter suppression or if interference by Vladimir is one of the tricks up your sleeve. If it does happen, the one thing I’m not worried about is escalations of violence instigated by the so-called mobs of angry liberals. It’s just not likely.

On the other hand, if the Democrats do win either the House or the Senate or both, I think we have to brace ourselves for some horrific backlash orchestrated by you since it’s clear that nothing is beneath you. Nothing.

May we be safe from vigilantes egged on by you, their lowlife leader.
May we be happy to vote the GOP out of office even if the fallout is hard.
May we all be willing to establish healthy governance.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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