Make it so

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday I went to a writing class for people who want to become better allies both through their writing and in real time encounters. I left quite humbled and feeling as though I have a lot of remedial work to do.

One of the exercises involved writing a manifesto framed by the five elements we think people need to be whole. We were to start it out with “Make it so….” and I kept tripping up and typing “May it be so” since it’s so close to “May we be….” I found, though, that it really feels different to be more firm and forthright and to channel my inner Jean-Luc Picard. I don’t think I’ll let go of the classic, invitational intention- setting of “May we be….” but we’ll see.

Here is my first LKM-based manifesto:

Make it so
everyone in the world is safe and free from harm. Make it so we all genuinely feel safe all of the time. Make it so we don’t need to worry about being assaulted outside in the dark, at work, or in our homes. Make it so we can all drive or walk or shop or let ourselves into our homes or be in our backyards and be perfectly, utterly safe. Make it so we feel safe to be our full, true selves wherever we are.

Make it so
we all understand and know deep down to our cores that each of us deserves happiness. And joy. Make it so we are happy for others’ happiness and joy. Make it so we don’t second-guess ourselves or anyone else about being happy. Make it so we all claim happiness and the pursuit of happiness as a basic human right.

Make it so
every collective decision is made in support of people’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being. Make it so we attend to the health of our planet both for our sakes and for all living beings’ sakes. Make it so we consider each and everyone’s health, including those who are not able to advocate for themselves whether because of age or mental, physical, or emotional capacity.

Make it so
we are all peacemakers. Make it so we challenge ourselves to be respectful and curious and engaged so that we can understand where we are each coming from, what we each care about, what we each need. Make it so we ground all our decisions and actions in peacemaking and when there is conflict make it so we face it and each other with love, integrity, and honor.

Make it so
each one of us feels loved and cared for just as we are and each of us has the capacity to give and accept such love.

So shall it be.

Tracy Simpson

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