Dear President Trump,

You are getting it from all sides. Even Melania has a carefully crafted statement calling out the reprehensible nature of your cynical family separation policy. You will no doubt want to close your eyes and plug your ears in a “see no evil, hear no evil” kind of defensive defiance, but Mrs. Clinton’s comments are absolutely on point; “What’s happening to families at the border right now is a humanitarian crisis. Every parent who has ever held a child in their arms, every human being with a sense of compassion and decency, should be outraged.” To extend this even further, every single person who has ever been held in a parents’ or caregivers’ arms themselves should be outraged, and this means every single one of us because we all had to have been held and cared for by someone when we were little. We literally would not have survived if this were not the case. Human children are dependent on adult caregivers for uniquely long periods of time. So, all of us in the history of humankind who made it out of childhood had to have someone right there with us, feeding us, holding us, comforting us, watching out for us. Everyone. Even you.

Have you looked into the face of the little Honduran girl in John Moore’s photograph? She is so clearly freaked out and bereft as her mother is being searched by border patrol agents – what about her and all the other children who’ve had their worlds blasted apart by your inhumane politicking?

Today when I was on my way to a meeting, I came across a man who was sitting on the carpet, cross-legged away from everyone. He was on his phone and it was apparent he was face-timing with his toddler son who was absolutely wailing into the phone. This little boy was so upset and angry that his dad was not home. I couldn’t hear exactly what the dad was saying to try to soothe his child, but I was hearing things like “I understand, I know. You’re upset. I’m coming home soon. I love you.” It brought me to tears thinking about all the kids who can’t tell their parents to come to them (now!) and all the parents who can’t reassure their kids that they love them and they will be with them as soon as they can.

You are behaving in a monstrous way and you need to stop it. Now.

May you stop endangering children.
May you stop angling for your own gain and consider others’ happiness.
May you stop using vulnerable people as pawns and sacrificing their well-being.
May you stop sowing seeds of division and hate.

Tracy Simpson

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