“Rudy” not “Ruddy”

Dear President Trump,

I wasn’t expecting I’d need to ask you to pass along an apology to Rudy G when I wrote to you about apologies yesterday, but when I mentioned to Laura last night that I accidentally posted yesterday’s letter using “complimentary” instead of “complementary” she pointed out I’d also misspelled Rudy’s name in a previous letter. Well, I used his name a bunch of times in yesterday’s letter too and spelled it with two d’s every time. I don’t know why. I know the name “Rudy” is not the same as ruddy, as in ruddy cheeks. Even now though, when I type “Rudy” my fingers automatically want to stick in an extra “d”. Apparently someone at NPR has this same problem as he or she also misspelled his name as “Ruddy.”

Me messing up like this makes the idea of thinking up dumb little cheers egging “Ruddy G” on even more absurd, as in “hey, this lady doesn’t even know how to spell the guy’s name and she trying to ridicule him.” It’s probably another karmic rebound. There I was calling Rudy (and you) out on looking stupid and I couldn’t spell his four-letter name correctly. Geez. The universe has quite the sense of humor.

I told you the other day that about setting up alarms on my phone to remind me to pause and think nicer thoughts. Well, it’s been about five days and so far it’s been going ok. I made it so the alarm is a soothing chiming sound and nearly every time it goes off I wonder for half a second what that beautiful, shimmery chime sound is and then I remember and smile and turn it off. Given my challenges with being kind, it’ll be good for me to keep the alarms in place because I clearly need all the help I can get. Laura and I were talking about how customizable this basic idea is and I suggested she could use intermittent reminders to be nice to herself since she is almost always looking out for other people and hardly ever thinks to focus on what she needs. You and I, though, we probably need to keep pausing a few times a day to recommit to being kind to others for the foreseeable future.

May we be safe to check ourselves.
May we be happy to admit when we are wrong.
May we be healthy enough to apologize as needed (rather than not at all or in reflexive ways).
May we hold onto a vision of peace that is characterized by liberty and justice for all.

Tracy Simpson

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