Crow wall bouncing

Dear President Trump,

It was rather a rough night last night and I’m pretty exhausted. One of the byproducts of my fatigue seems to be even less patience than usual with the news. Of the eight or so articles and editorials I started this morning, I maybe finished two. That’s pretty weird for me as I typically am quite dutiful about finishing what I start. Not so much today. Maybe it really is just not having it to bring mentally, but it kept feeling like I was reading the same things over and over. Yes, the surface stories or situations had differently characters and set-ups, but the same themes, the same blame-games, the same B.S. was laced through every one of them. If you were capable of higher thought you might be thinking, well, yes, Grasshopper, the human condition is just so – we endlessly grapple with the same handful of themes revolving around power, control, existential dread, and love and we are still so immature that we continually imagine that our versions of those struggles are unique.

Rather than indulge in those illusions today I’m going to pivot to something random I don’t want to forget. Two days ago when I was leaving work there was a crow hopping around on the grass by my building. I’ve told you about my past run-ins with crows. Well, I usually don’t even look at them straight on for fear they might think I’m challenging them. So, I’m walking past it, trying to keep it in my peripheral vision when all the sudden it does this weird lateral move and hops sideways onto the side of the building and pushes off with its feet and lands back in the grass and grabs a worm or something. It was a “what the…?” sort of moment. And then it did it again. Both times it seemed to be able to instantly grab whatever it was going after, like by hopping sideways away from the prey it was tricking it into thinking “phew, that crow flew off” so it would stick its head out. It was so cool (even if rather sad for whatever got gobbled) and so strange. I tried a whole bunch of Google searches to see if I could find anything about crow wall jumping or hopping or bouncing but nothing like what I saw comes up. I guess for now I’ll just have to accept my own take on it.

May we be safe to take occasional breaks from the mayhem.
May we be happy to just watch a crow or sparrow do their thing.
May we find ways to hang in with humanity as we blunder along.
May we make peace with the lurch-y nature of progress and delight in the occasional surprises.

Tracy Simpson

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