“They’re protecting what they hold dear”

Dear President Trump,

I hope you played golf today and didn’t spend Earth Day ordering Pruitt to find yet more environmental protections to undo.

Yesterday there was an article in the WP about the idea that millions of years ago there might have been another version of an industrial civilization on earth. The people floating the idea say they don’t actually believe it, but are posing it as an intriguing possibility for scientists to consider. It is an intriguing idea, and it’s also an exceedingly disturbing idea. I know nothing lasts forever and eventually humankind will no longer exist, but the idea of different groups of intelligent beings cycling through as earth’s inhabitants puts the eventuality of our collective demise more front and center. There was no mention of Earth Day in the article, but I imagine the timing wasn’t a coincidence.

Have you heard about the mother and daughter in Virginia who are living on little platforms in the trees on their property trying to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline workers from clear-cutting their land to install a natural gas pipeline? Did you catch that the pipeline would cross the Roanoke River and its tributaries hundreds of times and that this river supplies drinking water to the whole region? The article talks about how people living in those communities are worried about their water source being contaminated if there were a breach in the pipeline, but it seems like their water supply would be seriously compromised just by building the pipeline since clear cutting would cause erosion and crossing the river and streams so many times would devastate the ecosystems. The women have been protesting for three weeks now and for the past 10 days their family and friends haven’t been able to give them food or water. Plus it’s cold there. The older woman’s husband (and younger woman’s father) said that there is a large contingent of other women from the area providing them support. He summed it up thusly: “They’re protecting their families. They’re women — mothers, daughters, sisters — and they’re protecting what they hold dear. Try to pull a cub away from a mother bear and you’ll understand what I’m saying.”

May we stop doing dangerous, idiotic things to the earth.
May we be happy to listen to the mother bears.
May we resolve to take care of the earth so we don’t doom ourselves.
May we understand there can be no peace if we aren’t taking care of our collective home.

Tracy Simpson

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