The white patriarchy is rootless and dead

Dear President Trump,

It’s been raining here for weeks. We’ve had almost twice the average rainfall for April and more rain is forecast. We can hear the water moving through the drainage system in the basement and I continue to be grateful we got it together a few years ago to replace our aged sump pump because this seems to be the new normal and it’s only likely to get worse.

It has also been windy here and this morning I came across the first major casualty of the combined heavy rain and high winds in the form of a medium sized ornamental tree that fell across the sidewalk, blocking it completely. It was at the top of a small hill and I didn’t mind at all slowing down for some walk part of my walk-run so I could examine the damage for a couple of minutes. The tree hadn’t put out any leaves at all and looked like it was probably dead or dying long before it fell. It just toppled over from the ground. It looks as though the roots rotted away and with nothing holding it steady, it finally just gave up the ghost and tipped over.

Being me, I couldn’t help but think of the dead tree with rotted roots that was entirely blocking the sidewalk as being akin to the white patriarchy in its final death throes. This tree has no leaves, there is nothing generative or lovely about it, the base of its trunk reduced to a mucky pulp that could no longer support its tremendous weight, and there it is taking up space, forcing people to go out into the street to make their way around it. I only wish the white patriarchy was going to be as easy and quick to clean up as this tree will be. Unfortunately, we can’t just whip out the chainsaw and dismantle white patriarchy limb from limb and have it hauled off for composting where the superheat and worms will kill all dangerous bacteria and bugs. I get that. But I think it is still a useful analogy – your all’s time is up and the energy and creativity and rage of the people you all have been throwing shade will blow the old oppressive ways right over and remake them into something new that works for everyone.

May we be safe to go out into the street and make our ways around dead systems that block our paths.
May we be happy to keep up our own versions of wind and rain.
May we let it be known that the status quo of white patriarchy is rootless and dead.
May we use our energy and creativity to make something new that works for everyone.

Tracy Simpson

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