Job security in the Age of Trump

Dear President Trump,

Where, oh where to start? Let’s go with job security in the Age of Trump. Scott Pruitt’s job is hanging by a thread but he’s still useful to you so he’s getting a pass. He’s slithering by because he is doing a bang-up job of gutting President Obama’s environmental protections. Does he get an “ataboy” every time he excises a safeguard for waterways or air quality? Can he misuse federal funds as long as he finds every single way to let industry crap on the environment? Does he get bonus bucks if he targets sensitive wilderness areas and poor and minority communities? You do realize that we likely don’t get second chances here, right? The earth is resilient, but if we push things too far and it isn’t going to be able to recover. Also, children exposed to toxic levels of heavy metals during critical developmental periods are not going to be able to bounce back at some future, saner time. What you all are doing will have lasting, devastating impacts. Honestly, I care so much more about this part of the story than about whether Pruitt took this or that first class flight. However, staying in some industry titan’s townhouse on the cheap is beyond the pale. For penance he should live in a tent in a literal swamp and have you as a tent-mate. You all can hang out and roast weenies over an open, unregulated, fire.

The other job security issue of note has to do with Juli Briskman, the cyclist who was caught on camera flipping you off. In her WP editorial she explains why she is suing her former employer for firing over her middle-finger-commentary. She contends they didn’t fire her for cause, but rather because they do business with the federal government and were afraid you would single them out if they didn’t get rid of her. She points out that this is common in countries with autocratic rule and she is raising the issue because she doesn’t want the US to slide further in this direction. This reminds me; I didn’t tell you, but my dad asked me the other day if I’ve told you that I work for the VA. Even though I’m probably nothing but a gnat to your correspondence team, he’s worried about my job security.

May we be safe to speak our minds and drink our water.
May we be happy to keep on calling you and your swamp dwellers out for as long as it takes.
May we stay healthy and strong and not acclimate to the crazy you are imposing on us all.
May we keep our outrage intense and our actions radically peaceful and unselfish.

Tracy Simpson

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