Shiny baubles

Dear President Trump,

Did you just put Ronny’s name forward to head the VA to distract us (again)? All this business with the VA conveniently came down about the same time the media got a hold of information that your attorney was whispering visions of pardon sugar plums in Manafort and Flynn’s ears way back when Mueller was first bringing them in for questioning. Apparently you were letting them know they could hold tight and not cooperate because you would give them their get-out-of-jail-free card. If I were you, I’d have been tempted to throw a shiny bauble out to distract from that particular revelation. My guess is that Ronny just happened to be handy when you were casting about for some diversionary tactic. I can see the thought bubble forming over your head – “Hey, I know, let’s get Ronny! Yeah, Ronny will do it!” And by “it” you meant you could talk him into going through the motions of being the one paraded out as the sacrificial lamb who, after weeks (or months if you want to really drag it out), is found to be patently unqualified to head the VA. Since he’s such a nice guy, no one is going to attack him personally, so no harm, no foul. It’s a win, win, win for you in that you will have gotten to 1) distract us for a good bit; 2) put yet another federal agency in major upheaval, and 3) keep one of your best cheer leaders in your inner circle after all.

Then there’s the tidbit on Twitter reporting that Russian State TV (the call letters are apparently BECTI) said someone senior in your administration told them, hey guys, don’t worry, you can just send one-to-one replacements for the Russian diplomats who are being expelled, allegedly saying “the doors are open.” I’ve not seen it reported in the WP (yet), but if it’s true, it’s certainly something that will make a big splash once it hits the news cycle. This is such a big deal that you are probably going to have to come up with an even bigger flash bomb than Ronny to distract us.

We are in quite the rhythm now aren’t we – information that helps us make sense of your apparently nutso behavior starts coming to light so you throw some random shit out in the other direction that totally doesn’t make sense and we go chasing after it.

May we be safe from underhanded scumbag behavior.
May we be happy to keep our eyes trained on what you don’t want us to see.
May we keep up our healthy skepticism of you and yours.
May we still, through all these trials, keep to the high road.

Tracy Simpson

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