Crowd sourced Tylenol

Dear President Trump,

This morning I took the early Alaska flight out of Seattle to Reagan National and as I was going down the ramp to board the plane I started getting migraine lights in my right field of vision. Not good. Because she did an organizational overhaul of my travel backpack last night, I texted Laura to see if there was Tylenol in there because I didn’t want to go digging around looking for it if she knew it wasn’t there. It was the weirdest thing — as I spelled out Tylenol I overheard someone behind me say the word “Tylenol.” Since Laura let me know that I didn’t, in fact, have any, I asked the people behind me if they were the ones talking about Tylenol. They weren’t, but the people behind them were and the woman kindly gave me two of them. Then the people right behind me wanted to know where I was sitting so they could check on me. The flight attendant gave me water as I boarded the plane and the woman sitting next to me overheard the person checking on me and made sure I left the flight with three more Tylenol caps, just in case. I’ve never had a nicer migraine.

It was truly lovely to be so taken care of by total strangers who didn’t hesitate to help me. Have you ever been in this sort of position where you needed to literally rely on the kindness of strangers you weren’t paying to get through something? I’m pretty shy so it was hard to make myself find the Tylenol lady, but I knew if I didn’t get some meds in while the lights were still happening the flight would be miserable. So I asked. And I was helped. And the pain never came. And it was good.

I usually get migraines when I’ve been pushing too hard at work and not allowing myself enough downtime, and they always happen when I have unscheduled, unstructured time like the 5 hours of travel today. I had dutifully loaded my laptop with all sorts of things I need to work on, but between the migraine and the nice woman sitting next to me who liked what I was knitting, I didn’t even open the laptop. We just talked the whole time and I didn’t work at all. And this evening I hung out with two more people and just talked and listened. It’s probably been the best migraine day ever.

May we all be safe to lean into the crowd now and then.
May we all be happy to let someone help us.
May we trust that it’s often healthy to go ahead and ask for what we need.
May we make peace with the universe when things don’t go as planned.

Tracy Simpson

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