Magpies of a different feather

Dear President Trump,

The other day a friend who is reading my letters to you on my blog (yes, I did get it set up and if you want to check it out, the url is www.dailytrumpletters) commented about the bouncing variety of topics I cover over the course of a week. I told him that I’m essentially a magpie; I gather up topics that are compelling to me and mull them over until one or another is most insistent and has to be incorporated into a letter. I’ve started keeping a list of ideas since there is such an incredible plethora of material from which to draw and I don’t trust my memory to retain all the older bits as new things crowd in.

When attempting to make a bridge between myself and someone I dislike or don’t understand (or both) I try to find some way that I see us as being similar. So, I want to offer up the idea that we are both magpies. Granted, we are magpies of a different feather, but still, we are both magpies. I pluck shiny pieces of news from the headlines and obscure occurrences from my daily life to write to you about and you grab shiny things you hear and base policy on them.

Unfortunately, my magpie habits are of little consequence while you are president and your influence, sadly, is enormous. Also, while people might be somewhat annoyed with my tendency to flit from topic to topic, no one cares enough to track where I put my attention or to try to influence it. You, however, are a different matter. People clearly know you latch onto the last shiny thing you hear and they are working it. Remember how the soldiers were running with their Fitbits on and showing the world the perimeter of their supposedly hidden base in the Middle East? Well, I think your habits are being tracked in much the same way and people know when to drop shiny baubles onto the screens in front of you.

It’s fine to be open to ideas and to take them back to your nest and mull them over, but it’s a horrible practice for anyone, let alone a major leader, to run with whatever the hell someone has plopped in their lap and throw it at the policy whiteboard to see if it sticks. That is, unless your marching orders are to sow discord and chaos, in which case it’s a great idea.

May we be safe from a president who can be easily manipulated.
May we be happy call BS on magpie policy making.
May we be healthy enough (GOP leadership included) to stand up to you.
May we keep our focus on the basics of justice, respect, and peace no matter what.

Tracy Simpson

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