Shame on you

Dear President Trump,

A friend who has been reading my letters to you told me today she’s noticed the more recent ones feel different from the early ones, though she can’t put her finger on why. I know early on I kept the form of the closing LKM prayer steady and focused on you and then, at some point, shifted to closing with a prayer for all of us based on the topic of the day. Aside from the prayer, my guess is the main difference between earlier and later letters is that early on, although I was horrified you’d been installed as president, I really didn’t know just how bad it was going to be and was probably still pretty upbeat and hopeful. As the months have worn on, however, the true debacle that is your presidency and the depth and breadth of your administration’s corruption and greed has become all too apparent.

Case in point is your utterly inexcusable insistence that the primary way to make schools safer is to “harden” them by arming teachers and administrators. Having LaPierre echo you on this and whip up conservatives at that conference today was like salt in the wound, especially when he went into loony-tune land with a bunch of horseshit about how “The Elites” want to take away all 2nd amendment rights in order to strip people of all civil liberties. I’m sure this crap was trotted out plenty before you took office, but it was confined to the fringes then. Now this craziness is getting elevated in the public discourse and is dealt with as though it could be a reasonable argument when it patently is not. If LaPierre actually believes what he is saying (like passes a lie detector test), I would be absolutely shocked. It seems so much more likely he’s manipulating people’s fears so he can keep the gun industry happy. I wonder what his stock portfolio looks like. And you. Sitting there with those traumatized kids and parents with your lame cheat sheet about how to appear empathetic, saying the best bet is to make schools into pseudo-military installations when you know damn well it wouldn’t make kids or teachers safer. But that’s not the point, is it? The point is to make gun manufacturers tons more money to dole out to their political shields. Shame on you.

May we see through specious arguments that endanger us.
May we stop with the greed and focus on truer pursuits of happiness.
May we prioritize children’s lives and health over profiteers’ bottom lines.
May we not lose sight of the imperative of peace.

Tracy Simpson


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