We are all in this together

Dear President Trump,

You are likely not tracking that today is the one-year anniversary of when I started writing to you. It’s no doubt just a coincidence, but today someone on your correspondence team sent me another “Response to Your Message” email, so thanks for the quasi-anniversary note. I don’t think it’s a real response though since it came in the afternoon when I hadn’t yet written you and it’s thanking me for my message about immigration policy, which I haven’t written to you about in over a week. In fact, the message is mostly a bunch of paranoid isolationist propaganda so actually it seems that you all are just trying to control the narrative as the Senate takes up immigration policy. Not an especially nice way to mark our anniversary, but definitely par for the course with you.

On a very different note, I thought I’d share a few anecdotes from the day that were sweet and helped me put you and the crazy to the side for a bit. First, as I walked into the VA this morning from the parking lot I saw a Veteran who was wheelchair bound coming down on a van lift. The man who was steadying his chair during the descent had one hand firmly on the top of his chest, holding him securely in what looked like a very reassuring manner. It was so nice to see that kind gesture happening during what would have otherwise been a mundane, impersonal transfer. Second, when I was heading to my office, two young African American women were coming down the hall towards me and the one closest to me was looking at her friend telling her she’d found two more gray hairs over the weekend so she now has three. Her friend was facing me and saw my completely white/silver hair and was amused by my bemusement at the three gray hairs lament. It was a tiny, fleeting encounter and it was really great to have it. Finally, several of us met at church this afternoon to work on an installation for Lent. We ended up completely scrapping the original plan from last week involving lots of different pieces we were going to construct individually and instead and went with something much simpler and more elegant that we all worked on together.

So, today I’m going back to “we” and just know you are part of all of us.

May we be safe to connect with each other.
May we be happy to hold one another secure.
May we be healthy and strong enough to scrap our plans when that makes sense.
May we be good with peace and kindness.

Tracy Simpson

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