Love is love

Dear President Trump,

It’s nice to see a few Republican congress people showing some backbone and putting a sliver of a wedge between themselves and you regarding Devin N’s memo and what it does and doesn’t mean for the Russia investigation. It is confusing, though, that Gowdy, who apparently helped draft the memo, is now saying it wasn’t meant to disrupt or undermine the investigation. What did he think was the point of the memo in the first place? Maybe it depends which way the wind is blowing, and maybe for him right now, it’s blowing him away from you since he’s decided not to seek re-election. Interesting how it seems to free GOP people up to reclaim some of their integrity once they decide to hang it up and not go for another term.

Pivoting to a piece of good news of a different sort, I didn’t tell you this on Friday because there was too much going on with the memo mess, but it was mine and Laura’s fifth state sanctioned wedding anniversary that day. We picked February 2nd because it’s Groundhog Day and we wanted to signal that the ceremony was really a repeat of the commitment we made to one another years and years ago. Plus, our family loves the movie and we’ve watched it together almost as many times as we’ve watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. If you haven’t seen Groundhog Day you really should – it’s all about a mean, self-centered, jerk of a guy who stays stuck repeating the same 24 hours until he figures out how to be truly self-less and kind. Maybe you could let it run while you’re sleeping so it can worm its way into your brain subliminally……

The other thing I wanted to share with you about our anniversary is the card a friend got us that reads: “When people ask me ‘How does it feel to be married to such a thoughtful, loving, wonderful person?’ I always say the same thing…. ‘ask my wife!’” It’s pretty silly but coming from our friend to both of us, it’s really very sweet. I can’t imagine, though, that anyone but you would ever get it for their spouse so I hope they didn’t print too many of them.

May we be safe to love who we love.
May we be happy when people find love.
May we be healthy enough not to be threatened by different flavors of love.
May we resolve not to slide backwards on human rights.

Tracy Simpson

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