Memo Mess

Dear President Trump,

The Huffington Post seems to be on to you, thank goodness. You have to scroll down a ways, but they are running an article pointing out how several conservative news sites were leaked the Nunes memo before it was officially released, which all but confirms that the point was really to provide sound bites to get your supporters riled up so they’ll believe it’s righteous and necessary for you to fire Rosenstein and/or Mueller. Funny how you haven’t been fussing about leaks to the media in this case…..

I may have missed it in the WP, but they seem to be neglecting this critical aspect of the situation and instead are focusing on how poorly done the memo was and how it undermines the points it’s trying to make. All of this appears to be true and the WP is doing an admirable job describing the various problems, but the simple observation of the leaked memo by the HP is so much more on point. You all don’t care about the quality of the memo or whether there was anything resembling a reasonable process or how it threatens our longer-term security. None of that matters as long as those who will still vote for you and the GOP have something to latch onto that convinces them the Russia investigation is fundamentally, fatally flawed.

I’m not sure, though, that you and Devin N. needed to go to all this trouble since the refrain among those who still support you is that you are being treated unfairly and it’s a travesty that you are being so disrespected, etc. They were already primed to want the investigation to end and to distrust any conclusion of collusion. So in the end, we may need to thank you, and those in the GOP who went along with all this horrible B.S., for taking it to such an extreme (though the long term damage to the government’s workings is wholly inexcusable). My crystal ball is kind of hazy, but I think the over-the-top and unnecessary memo will end up handing the Democrats the 2018 mid-terms on a silver platter. Your people didn’t need further convincing, but you gave the opposition even more to use against you.

May we all be safe from sleazy manipulators.
May we all be happy to see through the muck.
May we all value the health of our democracy over personal gain.
May we somehow come through this nightmare peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

p.s., The update to the contact page limiting the character count to 2000 is a pain, but I’m sticking with the old 2500 character limit and so will just send each day’s letter in two installments. ts

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