Dear President Trump,

In less than a week I’ve gotten two “Response to Your Message” emails from you. I get the autoreplies every day but have only received three of the “Response” messages over the last year so it’s odd to get two in one week. Someone must be getting bored with scanning incoming messages. The first of these two most recent “Response” emails was clearly meant for someone who doesn’t agree with you while the one I got yesterday was meant for a supporter. Apparently your scanner didn’t get to the second paragraph of yesterday’s letter, but it was kind of interesting to see how gushy you are when “writing” back to people someone thinks are in your camp. The other interesting thing was that the first “Response” had no salutation whatsoever and my named appeared nowhere in the message while the one from yesterday started with “Dear Tracy” as it should.

I know you all have been busy lately getting that Nunes memo released and forcing McCabe to step down abruptly but I’m not going to try and tackle any of that this morning. It’s just too overwhelming and I’ve been trying to focus on what I can do rather than staying tied up in knots over stuff I can’t control at all. So, I’ve been thinking more about the issue of branding and objectifying people in ways that allow us to not see them as individuals and wondering whether I am doing the latter when I refer to the people who still support you and would vote for you again as “your base.” I know it’s not anywhere near as colorful or mean spirited as your branding nor is it even in the ballpark with “basket of deplorables,” but it does allow me a quick way to demarcate “them” from “us” and lump them all together somewhere at a distance from me. It may be a short-lived experiment, but I am going to see what it feels like to not use such shortcuts and make myself invest both the time and the character count in wording that is specific and doesn’t gloss over the people involved. I’d suggest you try it too, but since we both know it would be political suicide for you to truly recognize the humanity of those who oppose you, I won’t go there.

May we see that we are safer when we recognize one another.
May we recognize that we are happier when we are seen as individuals.
May we see that each one’s health is important.
May we recognize there is no peace if all we see are factions.

Tracy Simpson

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