“Stamping out prejudice” for real

Dear President Trump,

I just found some quotes from your speech yesterday commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I think you did a nice job and I especially want to lift up that you talked about stamping out prejudice, condemning hatred, and bearing witness. You made some powerful, important points. I did notice though, that all the quotes focused on Jewish people and anti-Semitism. Did the reporter just not include the parts where you acknowledged the other groups of people who were targeted by the Nazis or did you not go there? Either way, I want to make sure you know that tens of thousands of homosexuals and other people deemed sub-human by the Nazi regime were also murdered in the camps. Jews, gays, Gypsies, and disabled people, each and every one carrying a spark of the divine, were murdered because they were deemed less than.

What I want to know is how it is that some people get the protective cloak wrapped around them where the President of the United States will not tolerate prejudice and hatred towards them while other people get the exact opposite from you? I realize no one is really supposed to take you at your word or parse what you say to see if the logic holds up across contexts, but I want to be able to take you at your word and I want your logic to hold up across contexts. I want it to be true that you won’t tolerate prejudice and hatred towards anyone. We know though, from your behavior that you not only do tolerate prejudice and hatred towards some groups of people, you actively foment it. You use fear to sow hatred in your divisive stance on refugees and immigrants, you endanger people’s lives by allowing healthcare providers to withhold healthcare from those they deem sinners, you disrespect Native Americans with crass attacks on sitting Senators, the list goes on and on. So really, how can we take you at your word that you are about stamping out prejudice and condemning hate towards Jews? If you have to do that crazy internal check to see if this group or that group makes the cut and gets to be inside your zone of safety and tolerance then I contend no one is truly safe.

May we all be safe in whatever existence we find ourselves.
May we all be happy to struggle with being radically loving.
May we all care deeply about one anothers’ health.
May we all commit to a peace that is about true inclusion and not homogenization.

Tracy Simpson

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