A plague on us all

Dear President Trump,

At this point, if the cameras hadn’t been rolling on January 9th no one would believe you ever talked about a “love bill” for the Dreamers. When I heard the recording of the outgoing message on the White House contact line blaming the Democrats for the government shutdown and claiming it’s because of disagreements about unrelated immigration issues, it was so partisan and over the top I thought at first it must not be real. Once we verified it was indeed real, I felt sick to my stomach. It’s beyond horrifying that you’d resort to such a tactic. Likewise, the ad you are running blaming Congressional Democrats for all murders committed by undocumented people. Have you lost your mind? Well, sadly, you probably haven’t lost your mind since this is an A-1 way to piss off liberals, and more importantly, to whip your base up into a frenzy of fear-laced hatred.

You know when I step back and consider the big picture, I think it’s a very good thing that millions of us are finally having hard conversations about racism, immigration, and misogyny and that we are making concerted efforts to understand what gave rise to your presidency. We’ve got to do this hard, hard work if we are ever to come out from under the racist, sexist, classist patriarchy. However, as needed and positive as these developments are, they are coming at an exceptionally high cost. You all have been frighteningly effective at installing or dismantling so many things that are not going to be fixable. You’ve rained misery down on countless undocumented families, loaded the federal judiciary with ultra-conservative judges, dismantled dozens of environmental protections, and opened thousands of acres of public lands to mining and logging. There will be generational legacies of pain for the family members who are forcibly separated from one another. We will have to wait decades for the judges to die and in the meantime their rulings will be regressive and destructive for most of us. Once the wild places are destroyed, there’s no getting them back. Ever. In other words, you and the current instantiation of the GOP are a plague on us all and we urgently need to get you out of power before it’s absolutely too late.

May we be safe from irreparable harms.
May we be happy to dive deep and deal with our systemic problems.
May we somehow manage to stay healthy through this ordeal.
May we rebel peacefully since this is our only chance for real constructive change.

Tracy Simpson


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