Anniversary Present

Dear President Trump,

I had a really hard time concentrating today and had to force myself to focus and resist checking the news. It helped to remind myself that me checking the WP obsessively was not going to influence whether there is a government shutdown one tiny iota. I know, though, that I’m fortunate to be a federal employee who works for the VA and as such likely won’t be furloughed. However, there are hundreds of thousands of federal employees who will be adversely affected, and millions of Americans who rely on the government functioning properly who are no doubt very anxious about what is happening.

So, how about you? How was your day? I’m curious whether you were really invested in trying to find a middle ground position that would have brought Democrats (and Republicans) on board to avert the shutdown. If so, was it out of some genuine concern for the country or was it that you were hoping you’d still be able to make your big party tomorrow night? What’s going to happen with that? I can’t see you passing up the chance to rake in $100,000 per couple for your campaign coffers and the RNC (an annex of your campaign coffers). I bet you and Melania pop down there for four or five hours tomorrow. If you don’t go, it’ll probably be because Kelly is sitting on you to keep you in DC looking like you are concerned and working with congress to get the government back on line. But really, haven’t you all wanted to gut the government and destabilize the country all along? Isn’t that what you’ve been ordered to do? It can’t be an accident that we have a government shutdown going into effect the very day before your one-year anniversary – it’s like an anniversary present to you from the GOP. “Here, Sir, we’ve spent the last year helping you break this thing just like you asked and now for the cherry on top, we’ve killed it for you.”

It’s all so sickening and sad I’ve got to leave it there for now, but will close with a blessing for you just because.

May you be as safe as the least safe person in the world.
May you be as happy as the least happy person in the world.
May you be as healthy as the least healthy person in the world.
May you get that your well-being is inextricably tied to everyone else’s well-being.

Tracy Simpson

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