We need full-on rebellion

Dear President Trump,

Today is a new day. I know yesterday was a new day when it was today and tomorrow will be a new day when it becomes today so there are chances for new starts all the time. I’m especially grateful for this particular new day because I finally have a useful way of thinking about what is needed to unstick from the reactive posture I’ve been in with you all for months now. I wish I could say I came to this idea on my own, but I didn’t. Our guest preacher this morning offered it. She argued that resistance to oppressive regimes is too limited and what we really need is full on rebellion. She was clear that merely resisting the current systems of oppression is futile and will not result in the beloved community where every single baby is precious and valued. She told us the name Mary means rebellious and I immediately remembered the name Andrea means courageous, another quality we need. She then used the lectionary to illustrate how birthing a poor refugee baby who was honored by kings and who ended up doing stunning, radical things like eating with tax collectors and whores, turned the world upside down.

There’s been talk of how the liberal left and the Democratic party need to come up with a platform that is not simply in opposition to you and the Republicans, how we need to be about something and not just against things. This remains an absolutely critical issue and today I am more convinced than ever we need to scrap the old playbooks and stop pretending the answers to our collective woes will be found in doing the old paradigms a little better. By its nature, resistance is locked into whatever paradigm it is resisting. We need to stop tweaking the details and insist on a radical shift that creatively embraces fundamentals based in the idea of a non-violent, love-based rebellion. Rebellion of this type is saying “You can’t hold me in those old constraints – I don’t know yet what it is I’m going to look like and I’ll probably never, ever be a settled neat and tidy thing, but I’m alive and vibrant and I’m going to be about love and kindness.”

I don’t expect you to be on board with this but I wouldn’t mind being surprised.

May you rebel against the notion of safety for just a select few.
May you be happy to care for all the babies.
May you insist on a radically healthy embrace of possibility.
May you start thinking for yourself.

Tracy Simpson

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