A good omen

Happy New Year President Trump,

I understand you made an effort to be more inclusive than usual when you wished Americans a Happy New Year’s Day, calling out your supporters and friends as well as your enemies, haters, and the “very dishonest Fake News Media.” Really sends a warm, loving message to us all and does such an awesome job of conveying that you intend to be everyone’s President in 2018. Or not.

Despite seeing your childish tweet first thing this morning it’s been a really nice day. Laura and I celebrated our 29th anniversary today. It was a low-key celebration as we are pretty low-key people. We got groceries, took the dogs for a long walk, and made a special New Year’s Day dinner complete with black-eyed peas, cornbread, and greens for various types of good luck in the coming year. For the dog walk we went to a different neighborhood to get some of the last bits of the late afternoon sun and we had the good fortune to run into our daughter’s old nanny, who was also taking a walk. She ran across the street and gave us each the strongest, sweetest hugs ever. She is such a dear. We haven’t seen her in a long time but it was one of those “just like it was yesterday” sorts of things.

The other nice thing to tell you about from today you may already know – there was a “super moon.” It was gorgeous as it rose above the horizon and here in Seattle it was framed by some wispy clouds. I remember telling you about seeing the moon rise in San Luis Obispo last summer and noting that the moon is especially precious because it doesn’t belong to anyone. Riffing off that idea today, I think it is quite a good omen that there was a super moon on New Year’s Day, and this good omen extends to all of us. In some ways it would be nice to claim it just for some of us (i.e., those of us you’d call enemies and haters), but that would be missing an opportunity to hold out hope for real transformation. You see, if a gorgeous super moon rising on New Year’s Day all across America is a good omen for everyone, then we have a chance of uniting and digging ourselves out of the sad, scary mess we are currently in. So here’s to unity, mutual respect, integrity, and compassion being in ascendance starting now with this first day of 2018.

May we all be safe to gaze up at the moon.
May we all be happy to share the moon’s beauty.
May we all be healthy enough to wish good things for those we disagree with.
May we all be open to wonder and peace.

Tracy Simpson

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