LKM for my most difficult person

Dear President Trump,

My daughter and I drove down to Portland yesterday to see my family. Fortunately all the snow up here and the freezing rain down there had stopped, and we just had plain old rain (lots of plain old rain). We were going to stay another night and come back in the morning but we were feeling restless and a little homesick so we came back tonight.

In addition to various meals with various sets of family members, I got a how-to lesson from the woman who set up my Daily Letters to President Trump blog for me. She showed me the back end of the blog and then how to post each letter and date stamp it with the original date I sent it to you. I’m going to practice tomorrow so I can try to lay down some procedural memory tracks. I think the most important thing we did was edit the wording for the banner. The original tagline was “Loving Kindness Messages for a Despot,” which I liked because it was punchy, but I decided it was giving you too much power and was overly negative. I had a passing thought of changing it to “Loving Kindness Messages for a Wannabe Despot,” but that seemed too snarky so I ditched it in favor of “Loving Kindness Messages For My Most Difficult Person.” I like this tagline because it sums things up nicely; sending you, my most difficult person an LKM message every day was the original reason for starting this practice and it continues to be the prime motivator for continuing it. You and I both benefit from it, though one of us (me) much more directly than the other (you).

I will need to check in with myself periodically when the blog is eventually live and others can see what I’m saying to you. I want the practice to stay centered around dealing constructively with you, your administration, the state of the country and the world. Of course I’ll have some concern about what potential blog-viewers might think, but in a way that will be useful because it will force me to be more thoughtful since I haven’t needed to care what you think since you never see the letters. We’ll see how this goes.

May we be safe to say challenging things out loud.
May we be happy to step out of our comfort zones.
May we be healthy enough to take feedback that pushes us.
May we stay focused on being peaceful and compassionate.

Tracy Simpson

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