Out of whack

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday morning on my way to church a large black SUV with the license plate “6666” pulled into my lane directly in front of me. I thought the plate was odd so I filed it away to try and figure out later. When I looked it up online I found a numerology site (I know, more woo-woo) that said sequences of the same number don’t just show up randomly. Hmm. I then read the little section specifically on four 6’s (which apparently differs a lot from two or three 6’s; oddly there was nothing about five 6’s, but I guess it could get completely ridiculous very fast so let’s move on). I’d already read that the number 6 has to do with harmony and balance so I was all set to read how seeing four 6’s meant I was especially in balance and harmonious. Not. In fact, it apparently means the opposite such that seeing four 6’s is a sign (!) that one is really out of whack on the balance/harmony vector and one better figure out what’s going on. It was such a let down. The site suggested asking what is contributing to this imbalance followed by fifteen minutes of breathing meditation daily and forecast that the answer (or answers) would likely surface in a couple of months.

Handily, I already do the breathing meditation part most days so I added the question this morning and immediately heard what sounded like a meditation teacher’s voice saying the key is to keep a hold of the belief that I am fundamentally ok no matter what is going on in the Universe. I was reminded to keep coming back to my breath and what is right now, what I have control over. I was reminded to pay attention to what I’m paying attention to as well as how much power I give you and the rest of the circus over my fundamental well-being. I know it was just Day 1 of asking the question so I don’t think I’m done, but the Universe seemed to be letting me know a few minutes later that I’m on the right track with this quote by today’s poet of day, Carl Phillips, about his poem: “I suppose I’m ultimately trying to say something about the pointlessness of expending energy on what can’t be changed, because it’s too late.” Message received.

May we feel safe and secure breathing in and breathing out.
May we be content breathing in and breathing out.
May we take care of our health by consciously breathing in and breathing out.
May we use our breath as a springboard for love and peace.

Tracy Simpson

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