A nuclear crisis would give you cover

Dear President Trump,

I’m sure you won’t be surprised that I am among those who are certain you are either being played by Putin or that the two of you are cooperating to undermine democracy. The shell game your mouthpieces are running by insisting we all move on from the silly issue of Putin influencing the elections because you are trying to bring Russia around to help with North Korea, may go over just fine with your base, but it’s not going down well with the rest of us. Why not? Why won’t we let that tired horse rest? There are so many reasons I could list that I’d have to send you a dozen messages today to accommodate your character limits, but the reason it’s germane to North Korea is that we wouldn’t be in this dire situation with them if Putin hadn’t arranged for you to win key states. In other words, while the North Korean regime would obviously be a threat no matter who was in office, I am confident Hillary Clinton would not have escalated the tensions with Kim Jong Un the way you have. It is as if you relish being a jackass bully, taking whacks at the hornets’ nest. Could it be at the behest of Putin you are doing this? Creating a nuclear crisis would give you cover to downplay the election meddling and a rationale for aligning with him over the threat. If this is correct, how very handy for Mr. Putin since not only is Russia not one of Kim Jong Un’s stated targets and therefore not in imminent danger, but he can probably extort sanction relief from us in exchange for putting pressure on North Korea to back off. Neat little package as long as it all works and Kim Jong Un doesn’t decide to blow us up because you can’t hold your tongue or refrain from tweeting disparaging crap.

I am heartened that Brennan is seeing it as a badge of honor to be called a “political hack” by you and that Clapp is also standing firm, calling you out for saying you believe Putin when he says Russia did not meddle in the election (or you believe he believes this or whatever nonsense you are trying to foist on us now). We desperately need people to continue standing up to you and the circus you are running, who aren’t going to be fooled by the high stakes shell games you are playing at our expense.

May we all be safe from demagoguery.
May we maintain our capacity for joy in the process.
May we take good care of our health.
So we may pick up the pieces when the charade is over.

Tracy Simpson

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