Reified pillars of misogyny

Dear President Trump,

Today I want to shift the focus from the ultra personal, albeit political, to what I think are the two main Judeo Christian pillars of misogyny; the dominant creation myth and the myth of Jesus’s conception. Whoever came up with the idea that some all powerful God created Adam out of dust and water and then used one of Adam’s ribs to make Eve so Adam wouldn’t be lonely was clearly invested in the idea of woman as secondary to man, around just to keep man company and without standing of her own. This one is easy to call out as biased and detrimental to women (and ultimately to men).

I’ve never heard anyone take on the virginal conception myth from a feminist viewpoint though. Maybe someone has. I hope so. Either way, I see very big problems with it. As the story goes, a male angel visits Mary and tells her she is a super special virgin chosen to bear God’s child. Mary is afraid at first (we never hear if she is angry) but then she is supposedly good with it because Joseph, her betrothed, doesn’t have her stoned to death. Essentially, Mary is impregnated without her knowledge and therefore, technically, against her will. The person cast in this role was depicted as an object, a vehicle without agency. Sure, she is held up as a blessed paragon of virginal womanhood, but this hardly makes up for her having been framed as a handy, unwitting womb to hold God’s son. Who knows what the real story of Jesus’s parents was and whether his mother was a willing partner in his creation. I hope so. Unfortunately we are left with this mind-f*** of a tale where the most revered woman in our dominant religious system was impregnated against her will and had to depend on the largess of a man to escape exile or execution. That’s pretty messed up. Why couldn’t it have been that two people who loved each other dearly had an amazing spiritual child who taught people that love and kindness are everything? That story rings truer to me and would likely have avoided the insane, virulent subjugation of women we have been saddled with for thousands of years. I want and need to see us give Mary her personhood back and reject the virgin birth invention.

May we be safe to tell real stories that make sense.
May we be content with the magic of love.
May we be healthy enough to let go of sexist mythologies.
May we accept that the true miracles come about through mutually respectful love.

Tracy Simpson

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