Why no one is calling you out on your shit logic?

(letter #2 for 10/21/17)

President Trump,

I really should be going to sleep but I don’t think I can sleep if I don’t say what I need to say to you. I just read the article in the WP about how painful it is to some of the women who went public last year before the election with their accusations that you sexually assaulted them to see the women accusing HW believed and HW being punished when you totally got to slide. It was disgusting that one of your women staffers commented that what you did was not nearly as bad as what HW did. Of course that could be total horseshit and what you did was as bad or worse, but regardless of some severity index, how low that someone would try and excuse your behavior by saying it wasn’t as bad as someone else’s bad behavior. Come on.

Then there is the fact that you have repeatedly denied the allegations and in the process have demeaned and mocked the women who came forward. But what I want to know is if it wasn’t these women who you grabbed by the pussy and got away with it because you were famous, which women was it? Surely you didn’t completely make up what you told that yucky Billy guy because if you did and you were just trying to make yourself sound like a more powerful guy then what is that about? Basically, I don’t get why no one is calling you out on your shit logic with all this. You can’t have it all ways here. You can’t be the sterling man who would never do the things to women you bragged about doing because you bragged about doing them and no one with a sterling character would brag about or do those things. So your credibility is hosed on this just as it is on everything else. What it comes down to is you can be as big an ass as you want and probably could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose any votes.

It’s all just so sick and sad I need to leave it there except for the blessing you desperately need:

May you be safe in your dealings with women.
May you be happy to keep your hands off people.
May you become a healthy human being.
May your life unfold and intersect respectfully.

Tracy Simpson

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