The only thing you can think to build is your damn wall

Dear President Trump,

Is it feeling surreal to you to be seeing reports of named Republicans and people close to you being quoted expressing concern over your fitness for office? It’s way beyond Corker and Flake at this point and it feels so much scarier now that it isn’t just Democrats and liberals calling you out publicly. Because you seem to not care a whit about our safety, my sense is people are feeling really worried you will decide to just get it over with and launch a nuclear attack on North Korea, consequences for the populace there, South Korea, and the West Coast be damned. And in the meantime you are taking a sledgehammer to pretty much everything of President Obama’s you can think of to destroy while the only thing you can think to build is your damn wall. It is quite stunning. Maybe it’s because I’ve not felt well in over a week but the last several days have felt as bad as when you were first elected. It’s like the slow and obnoxiously steady drip, drip of acid you’ve been leaking all over us has suddenly turned into a torrent that is threatening to sweep us all away. Maybe I’m just a fragile snowflake and that’s why I’m crumping in the face of your barrage. Maybe. Or maybe you are a sick, unfit, sadistic, profiteer who should never have been allowed near the White House let alone allowed to occupy it. The latter rings more true to me.

When you thought about throwing your hat in the ring for the presidency however long ago, were you maniacally plotting to take down Western Civilization and Democracy? Were you itching to have verbal smack downs with Kim Jong-un that might just lead to nuclear war? Is this what you dreamed of for a Trump presidency? I rather do think you were set on taking apart everything President Obama accomplished since you seem to hate that he actually accomplished things meant to improve the lives of Americans (and since he’s Black). But if you didn’t necessarily want to be all about annihilation, how about you stop what you are doing and hit a big reset? I bet you’d feel much better about yourself and it would quiet the critics some. Plus, we might all get out of this more or less intact.

May we be safe from you.
May we go back to a way of life that had room for happiness.
May we go back to a healthy level of stress.
May our leader decide to lead.

Tracy Simpson

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