More hazards for Hazard, Ky

Dear President Trump,

For the first time I read up on both Columbus Day and Indigenous People’s Day (silver linings related to your presidency pop up all over the place, don’t they!). I was surprised to learn that Columbus Day was started by immigrants from Italy who thought it would help their standing to point out the Americas were “discovered” by an explorer/procurer from Spain. I don’t get the logic but maybe because Spain is close to Italy they thought no one would notice the fudge. I was also surprised to learn that Indigenous People’s Day was initiated by actual tribal people in 1992. I’d been assuming it was started by liberal white people and that it started much more recently. Although the choice to mark the 500th anniversary makes sense, I wish they’d set it for the day before (October 11th) as a more pointed rebuke.

Along these same lines, Pruitt telling us he was making a point of announcing your administration’s plans to dismantle the Clean Power Plan from Hazard, Kentucky was quite wonderful. Did no one on Team Trump stop to think how stupid it would look to announce the rollback of environmental protections and the introduction of more hazards from a place called Hazard? I imagine Hazard is full of lovely people but even aside from its ironic name, the details available about it online indicate it has been economically stressed for at least 15 years and “bringing back coal” is not going to help at all. So really, for Pruitt to have chosen to make his announcement from Hazard is ridiculous and absolutely spot on for you all. I am not sure why I did this, but I pulled up a map of Hazard and saw that about 10 miles up the road is a hamlet called “Butterfly” and on the way from Hazard to Butterfly is a dip in the road called “Typo” so I think I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for this part of Kentucky I will almost certainly never see. I wish you did too.

Before signing off I also want to thank you for acting as something of a divining rod. I was wondering why we were getting emails from random campaigns around the country and Laura explained she’s been sending money to everyone you’ve been blasting, so basically, you are making our job of counteracting you much easier.

May we all, including the butterflies, be safe.
May we all be happy.
May we all be healthy.
May our lives unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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