“It is illegal to attempt to enter a Federal facility with weapons”

Dear President Trump,

It truly is all about the money, isn’t it? As I was writing you yesterday I kept flashing on the signs posted at all the entrances at the VA saying that weapons, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited on federal grounds. This got me thinking that weapons must be prohibited on other federal grounds including the White House and the House and Senate chambers. So I checked the homeland security website and indeed, this is true. Here is the direct quote from the site: “The Federal Protective Service (FPS) works with facility security committees in accordance with 18 USC 930 to identify items restricted from entry into federal properties to help ensure the safety and security of its occupants.” In the FAQ section the following may be found: “….it is illegal to attempt to enter a Federal facility with weapons, explosives, incendiary devices, and illicit drugs, even if it is legal to possess a firearm or drugs in a state or city.” FYI — baseball bats and hockey sticks can be prohibited too.

So, the federal government explicitly states that guns and other weapons may not be on federal property to keep the people there safe, but you and many, many members of Congress are arguing that we will all be safer if there are more guns in public and private places, not fewer. How does it work that I am safer in a movie theater, at a concert, in a school, on a bus, in my car, at the mall and my family and friends are safer at their non-federal places of work where people are able to legally carry weapons (openly or concealed or either one, who cares?) but you all don’t want guns in your work places or your gym or cafeterias? How do you square this? Has anyone even realized the hypocrisy of this? I say if you all aren’t going to split from the NRA and get the money out of this then we should just go whole hog and allow guns on federal property. I can hear you all crying crocodile tears about how you are public figures and therefore more likely to be targets. That may be true but it doesn’t mean your lives are any more precious, irreplaceable, or unique than ours and we deserve the same protections from guns that you enjoy.

May we all be safe from gun violence.
May our right to LIFE, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness be valued.
May we value everyone’s health and bodily integrity.
May we as a nation stop accepting double standards.

Tracy Simpson

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