Who wrote your speech yesterday?

Dear President Trump,

When I left for my run it was still very dark and there were dozens of stars (59?) visible in the sky. The world is so confusing like this pretty much all the time; peaceful and safe-seeming and lovely in one corner and just a little ways away someone is fighting for their life after being shot or is mourning their child’s death or trying to find a source of clean water after their island was devastated and help isn’t coming any time soon, if ever. And it’s entirely possible that the peaceful, safe-seeming, lovely corner could turn into a hellish nightmare of a place tomorrow, though, truly, some corners of the world are a lot more likely to have something awful drop than others and we all know what the main factors in that equation are.

But let’s get to it. Time and characters are short. Who wrote your speech yesterday? It was too cogent and focused for you to have written it. How many times did you have practice to get where you should look particularly soulful and sad? The biblical bits and the part about pure evil were nice touches that helped dismiss any lingering stray shreds of hope that you might take this opportunity to address gun control. If we can turn this sad, sad event over to God and seek solace there while at the same time, frame it as an unfortunate cost of the free will God granted us, then we (you) are completely off the hook to do anything about it or all the other intentional and accidental gun deaths that happen here EVERY DAY. You know how you lurked around behind Hillary during the second debate? Well, there was an elephant lurking around behind you when you gave that speech and he was carrying an assault rifle, wearing an NRA cap, flashing an overstuffed wallet, grinning and nodding while you blithely ignored him.

But Caleb Keeter didn’t ignore him. Being close to the carnage and seeing people go down because some asshole was able to legally purchase automatic weapons woke Caleb up and he went out on a limb to say enough is enough. We have to do something about guns because there is no gun violence without guns. I hope other country musicians and fans join him soon, many others. I hope you get woke and join him too.

May we be safe from gun violence.
May we be happy to risk losing politically for the greater good.
May we truly care for the health of our nation.
May we lay down our arms and release the NRA’s stranglehold.

Tracy Simpson


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