Not being bombarded with politics

Dear President Trump,

I’m not sure how this is going to go since I’m in the airport here in D.C. waiting for my flight and trying to take advantage of the wifi before I get on the plane. I’ll get back to Seattle around 10 tonight and am pretty sure I’ll be too exhausted at that point to string together anything resembling coherent thoughts so hoping to get my daily letter and LKM prayer out to you, my most difficult person, during this window of opportunity. I’m not used to writing to you when there are a lot of people around but I think maybe it will help remind me why I keep doing this very unusual and somewhat crazy, spitting in the wind exercise every day.

As I watch the people walking by on their way to the security line I’m trying to imagine what their lives are like, whether they are leaving here to go home or if home is here, where they might be going to visit and why. Then there’s the guy who is trying to convince people to buy into the “Clear” program and getting to see how some dodge him artfully while others are plainly annoyed and dismissive. So pretty mundane stuff. Nothing at all deep or momentous. Everyone seems pretty focused and quite a lot of them are moving fast but others are sauntering. No surprise, but about half are somehow managing to walk while focusing their real attention on their phones. No one’s gone by in a panic over running late and there are no stray bags lurking in corners so it’s just an average Tuesday afternoon in an American airport. Actually, I just realized that from where I am sitting I can only see part of two TVs in the distance. I can’t hear them at all and the running caption on CNN is too small to read from here so even though I’m in a big public place, I’m not being bombarded with politics laced with fear and vitriol. It’s nice and kind of feels like a break from the usual.

Since I apparently don’t have anything very pointed or deep to say to you today, I’m going to go ahead and sign off.

May you be safe so the rest of us can be safe.
May you realize your happiness is not dependent on always getting your way.
May you learn to engage in healthy give and take.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully and respectfully.

Tracy Simpson

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