It’s fun to see someone so happy

Dear President Trump,

In keeping with my decision yesterday to focus on positive things for the time being in my letters to you, I want to make sure you know about Beyonce’s decision to have transgender activist and actress, Laverne Cox, be the lead model for her new clothing line, Ivy Park. The best part is just how happy Ms. Cox seems to be with the honor of being involved with something so prominent and near and dear to Beyonce’s heart. The quotes from her in the press are almost giddy with excitement and so incredibly sweet. It’s fun to see someone so happy. It’s also wonderful to see someone who has been such an inspiration to so many others for her courage and resolve get this recognition. I hope Ms. Cox is feeling secure enough in herself that she doesn’t need to feel validated by Beyonce or anyone else, but either way, I bet there are a lot of other trans people out there who will experience some vicarious validation in having one of their own modeling a high profile brand of clothing.

Ever since our daughter was little we teased her by reminding her to use her powers for good and what Beyonce is doing in this situation reminds me of this counsel. Beyonce is a wonderfully thoughtful, strategic, charismatic, and powerful woman and she could probably have chosen just about anyone on the planet to be the front person for her in this endeavor and she chose an outspoken, radiant African American trans-woman. She is definitely using her powers for good. I can’t read her mind, but it seems to me she is broadcasting that she stands with people who are different, people who are on the margins, people who have suffered from others’ cruelty and derision, people who enrich the world by being their whole selves. Like we say at church most Sundays about such things, this is good news indeed! And really, Beyonce is being quite Christ (and Buddha and Mohamed) -like in her radical acceptance of someone the Pharisees would have shunned. I think if we all took a page from her playbook the world would be in lots better shape.

May we all be safe to be seen.
May we all be happy for Laverne Cox.
May we all be grateful for Beyonce’s healthy perspective.
May all our lives, including yours, be blessed with acceptance and love.

Tracy Simpson

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