It’s still raining ash here

Dear President Trump,

It’s still raining ash here. When I look out the window and soft focus my eyes on the middle distance I can see a fine, fine sifting of ash coming down. I keep looking at the pavement hoping to see that it’s really rain, but it’s not. I even went outside just to make sure, but no, there’s no rain and really no moisture at all, just barely visible, fine-as-talc particles coating everything. My mom says that Portland is still getting quite visible layers of ash. It reminds me of Mt St Helens’ major eruption in 1980 that left 4″ of ash over most parts of Portland. I know the current situation isn’t going to result in such dramatic accumulations, but along with the hurricanes and the threat from North Korea, there is a feeling of grave unsettledness in the world.

And to be honest, you aren’t helping matters. It’s bad enough when your actions and statements are odious but consistent. It takes things to an entirely different level, however, when your actions and statements are odious and inexplicable, which lately has been the case every day. Maybe you are still trying to distract us from the Russia collusion questions and your nefarious use of the presidency for profit. Or maybe you have other motives that make sense in some DT-scheme-of-things, but it’s hard to say since you really seem to be increasingly all over the map and so frequently contradicting yourself that it’s hard to know whether you (and we) are coming or going. You loved Dreamers four days ago and then you end DACA. South Korea is one of our closest allies but you go rogue and undermine them when they are in peril. Are you just trying to wrestle out from under General Kelly’s thumb? It really has gotten worse with you and your lurching swings since he became Chief of Staff. There was maybe a two-day honeymoon period when you weren’t tweeting off the wall things, but it’s been really bad for weeks and just seems to be getting worse. I think the two of you need to have a heart to heart and get some things settled before you take us all down a road none of us want to travel, including you.

May calm heads and hearts bring a sense of safety.
May reasonable minds prioritize happiness for all.
May settled wisdom focus on what is healthy for all.
May quiet, thoughtful, pragmatism value peace.

Tracy Simpson

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