Contrived divides

Dear President Trump,

On this Labor Day holiday as we wait to find out tomorrow whether you will crush 800,000 Dreamers’ lives immediately or in six months, I feel compelled to once again call out the disgusting and cowardly tactics you and the elites have been perfecting. The longstanding strategy of finding those fissures of difference and separation involving groups of people whose lives the majority can’t imagine, and in these cracks sowing doubt, moral indignation, and fear. You did it to gays and lesbians, fanning fears that conniving homosexuals were out to lure youth to the dark side. You did it to African Americans by waging “the war on drugs” that was really a war on them and claiming that vast legions were scamming the system and loafing on welfare. You did it to poor whites in Appalachia claiming they are too backward and stupid to ever amount to anything beyond common laborers who would pull out your precious coal. You’ve done it to all immigrants of color, demonizing them because they worship differently, have unfamiliar customs, claiming they are a drain on “our” resources and contribute nothing of worth.

You know this is all bullshit. You know the sky is not going to fall if gays and lesbians are free to be themselves. You know African Americans are not evil or lazy and poor white people are not stupid slackers and immigrants are not parasites. But you feed these lies to frustrated white people because keeping the fantasy of “The American Dream” alive is critical to the elites having a pliable work force, and the easiest way to do this is to convince angry white people that it’s the morally questionable, dangerous, and lazy others who are blocking their righteous access to the dream. This also keeps the focus off who is “earning” what at the top and what this really means for the rest of us.

Fortunately we are figuring this out. We are reaching across these contrived divides and saying “see me, talk with me, hear me, my life is really not so different from yours, we love our babies too.” Maybe you will finish it after all. Maybe your presidency is the last ditch, desperate effort of the 1% and it can’t help but collapse on itself. Here is another blessing to nudge us toward that end:

May we all be safe to be our full selves.
May we all be happy to get to know the stranger.
May we all be healthy enough to share equitably.
May our lives unfold and intersect justly.

Tracy Simpson

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